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We have our own aloe vera drink brand, customer can use our recipe and packaging. Customers only need to provide us design label.

 OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. if customers already have their own recipe, we can find the suitable factory to produce their product.

ODM is Original Design Manufactures. if customers have idea to create new flavor beverage product, base on customers’ requirement, we can help them to develop it from recipe to packaging.

  1. Demand conformation: we will discuss with you and understand your demand.
  2. Taste samples: base on your demand, we will provide taste sample for you.
  3. Quotation & specification: once you conform the taste sample. We will provide you the quotation & specification.
  4. Place order & payment: once conform the price, please place the order and arrange payment.
  5. Production: once conform the order & payment, we will arrange the production and moniter the production condition.
  6. Shipping
  • OEM & ODM : 3000cases/24pack
  • Private label : for saving shipping cost, we recommend at least order 1 containers (around 1860cases/40ft)

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