How is the beverage product co-packing Minimum Order Quantity from?

The feature of RTD beverage (Read to drink) is stability & low cost, in order to reach this target, mass production is necessary.

  1. Most of the manufacturers will set up the MOQ in a different way.
    Based on daily output: some manufacturers will request one or half-day production schedules for each unit order, in order to prevent high wastage & manpower cost loss.
  2. Based on material MOQ: most RTD beverages will be packed in plastic (PET, PP, PE), metal (aluminum, tin), or paper.
    eg. For the plastic package, it will be included cap, label, and bottle, different package suppliers also will have their MOQ.
  3. Based on the customization condition: some customers will request special recipes or packages, and some conditions will affect the MOQ, eg. mold or machine investment, production efficiency, etc.

Also, different suppliers will have their business strategy to offer lower MOQ, such as higher prices, the same recipe but different labels, etc