How to select a suitable package for the beverage product? -plastic 

There are many beverage packaging containers in the market, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, metal bottles, and paper bottles. each packaging container has its advantage & disadvantages. 

For plastic containers, the most common material is PP, PE, PET.   

PE: A PE bottle is normally used for daily products, such as fresh milk. Most PE bottle is made by blow molding extrusion machine. PE-based bottles can’t be endured high-temperature sterilization. Also, the extrusion machine was made the bottle neck fish part uneven ( has to seal the aluminum foil or other top seal to ensure the sealing condition). 

PP: PP bottles can be endured high-temperature sterilization. Some sensitive beverage martial (low acid, eg. Milk, tea) can use PP bottles to make longer self-life RTD drinks. PP bottle is used the same manufacturing method as PE, except the top seal problem, PP bottle is easy to crack while dropped on the ground. 

PET: PET container is wildly used for most beverage products. The features of PET are transparency, easy process, and lower cost. PET bottles normally are made by injection machines & bottle-blowing machines. even  PET material can not be endured high-temperature sterilization,  most beverage manufacturers can use hot-fill or aseptic processes to cover this disadvantage.